The blockchain of proof and trust

Create a proof of your document

in less than 1 minute!

Free, without obligation and 100% confidential.
We do not archive and are not aware of the content of your documents.
We simply create a proof of their authenticity.

Step 1

(whatever it is) and let the blockchain guide you

Click here or drag and drop your document.
Your file will NOT be sent to the server.

Each file has a unique digital footprint (file.hash *) that we generate when you drop your file.

The hash is calculated locally.
Maximum recommanded size: 100 MB.

Step 2

This information is a unique key you need to keep preciously,
it will be asked for in case of footprint verification.
Do not lose it, it is unique and irreplaceable.

Step 3

We do not keep your email.

GAME : decrypt the sentence

Each time a document's footprint is added to the blockchain, a few additional pixels will appear to discover the phrase hidden in the image below.
The winner will win a USB key.

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